2014 Emmy Predictions: Comedy Series

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If we are in the golden age of drama, then it’s the duct tape age of comedy. I’m not saying that the landscape of comedy is not as vast as drama, but it is rare to find a quality comedy that is also a ratings hit.

Arguably, the most recent example of a critical and commercial hit was “Modern Family”, but they have quickly faded. This is what makes this category so hard to predict. There are pure ratings hits (“The Big Bang Theory”) and pure critical hits (“Veep”), however it is had to determine which the academy is going to go for.

1. Modern Family
2. Veep
3. The Big Bang Theory

The three shows above are the only contenders that I have some confidence in a nomination, however they aren’t locks. Modern Family has won four times in a row and has positioned itself to potentially tie the record for most wins in the category, however I can see a scenario where voter fatigue may set in.

The Big Bang Theory has gotten in purely because it is the most successful comedy on air today, but its quality is always questionable.

Veep is in an odd position. It is the oddball comedy of the bunch, but is in my opinion the best comedy on air right now. However, it doesn’t have the huge viewership of the other contenders.

4. Louie
5. Girls

Louie and Girls are both critical hits that are also notable for their dark humor. Both are solidly in the race, but with their divisive response I can see one of them, most likely Girls, being dropped.

6. Orange is the New Black
7. Brooklyn Nine-Nine
8. Silicon Valley

The last spot is being fought between three new shows. Brooklyn Nine-Nine was the winner of the Golden Globe for Best Comedy, but that doesn’t always means success at the Emmys. Silicon Valley is being touted by some as the best new comedy of the series, but hasn’t had a strong audience response. Orange is the New Black is the wild card in the race. In my opinion the show is a drama, but still it has opening to huge critical acclaim and has become a pop culture phenomenon. I think it’s the most likely to enter the race, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see any of those three contenders competing.


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