Onwards and Upwards: ‘How I Met Your Mother’ Series Finale Review

Last Forever Part One


The series finale of one of the oddest, quirkiest, and lovable sitcoms has finally come. It of course starts off with pure nostalgia of the gang sitting in MacLaren’s listening to Lily telling them the only way one of them hooks up with Robin is if they marry her…. and Barney does.

Barney tries to get Ted to play “Have you met Ted” with the bass player/the mother, then all of a sudden, Ted reveals that he had to leave right away, which led to emotional goodbyes and one of the most epic high-fives to hit television, but of course it ends in both Ted and Barney hurting themselves, but knowing it was all “worth it.”

Then at the Farhampton train station the old woman that was introduced in the season premiere points out to Ted that the mother is standing at the same station. She pushes him to talk to her, but he refuses.

Then we cut to 24 hours later where Marshall and Lily see Ted in MacLaren’s much to their content and discontent, Ted reveals that it’s because he met the mother, yet again we don’t know how.

Then, we cut to the mother revealing she’s pregnant, Marshall revealing he’s now in corporate law, and that Robin and Barney were divorced.

Pause. Most of this episode was probably one of the best paced “where are they now” episodes of any sitcom or drama. It moved at such a great pace, but still had the dramatic and comedic impact.

Play. Then the episode slowed to where Barney and Robin are dealing with the falling out of their divorce and the Lily attempts to keep the gang together and ensure that they are all there for “the big moments.” Which includes Lily revealing she is pregnant with their third child and realizing that they are quickly outgrowing the apartment, so they decided to move.

In a goodbye to the apartment, they threw a halloween party, but the group dynamic wasn’t the same anymore as pointed out by Robin. And in yet another emotional twist, Robin knew it was over. We are left with Lily alone in the empty apartment.

The episode was so well paced and balanced and to be honest one of the best episodes that the series put out in a while. It reminds us why we fell in love with the series in the first place, because these characters are impossible to not like, but now on to part 2.


The half saw the fast paced timeline continuing. Barney came to the realization that he will never change in one of the character’s more human moments. It also revealed that Marshall finally got his judgeship.

In 2019, we saw the return of the playbook, but a now 40’s Barney found out the final girl in his perfect month was pregnant.

Moving right along, Ted and a much older Penny are touring the city when he ran into Robin, who hasn’t seen most of the group for years. Also at the same time Barney’s love child is born, and well he falls in love with her. Neil Patrick Harris proves again what an incredible actor he is, not only comedically, but all around.

Pause. This incredible pair of fast forward episodes were so well written and impeccably paced, but it also didn’t feel like a real “How I Met Your Mother” episode. It has the incredible characters that we love, but the ridiculousness and gut busting moments weren’t there. It’s like a more matured version of the show.

Play. Ted reproposed to the mother and planned a wedding for later in that week. It led to our introduction to the new Barney and a the group being reunited for one of the biggest moments. Then, the mother took a picture of the gang in the bar and my emotions were tickled.

Then Marshall said to a group of “kids” that “a lot” happened in that bar. Then the wedding finagled happened all the way in 2019.

Then an incredible montage of pictures featuring Ted and the mother, that led to what some of us were dreading, but also expecting. It is revealed that the mother did become sick, but also finally showed how he met their mother.

There they pieced together their entire of close calls through the iconic yellow umbrella and realized that it was destiny. Oh yeah, also we find out her name was Tracey.

However, my entire perception of the series was ruined when it was revealed that Ted told that entire story to his kids because he was still in love with their aunt Robin and wanted to get their approval.

To be honest it was a terrible reveal, but I have to admit that it was very well executed, especially bringing back the blue horn. These final two episodes were incredible well-written and directed, but I still can’t believe that they took this entire time just to put Robin and Ted together.

I can see a lot of people loving this ending, but for me I can’t help but feel jilted by the creators. You spend nine years trying to get your audience to care for a nameless and faceless character. They spent episode after episode making us root for their success, to just throw it all away in the end.

I will admit though, they knew their end game and they got themselves there in an overly long, but still fun manner. Goodbye How I Met Your Mother, I will never watch you ever again.


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