2014 Emmy Predictions: Drama Series (Updated 3/31)

Now that the Oscars are over it is officially Emmy season and I am freaking out. Part of the reason I’m so excited, is that this year is looking to be a year where the nominees are shaken up. With past winners like Homeland and Mad Men on the downswing, old shows like The Good Wife and Law & Order: SVU on the upswing, and new possibilities like Masters of Sex and True Detective in contention, we have a real race on our hands.

Untitled 2 It seems that the overall consensus is that there is going to be a shakeup in the race for Best Drama Series. I think that there are three shows that have done well at these awards in the hot seat. Mad Men, Homeland, and Downton Abbey all have the possibility to be snubbed, however I think it’s highly unlikely that all three don’t make it into the final six.

As of now there are four locks:

1. Breaking Bad (AMC)
2. True Detective (HBO)
3. House of Cards (Netflix)
4. Game of Thrones (HBO)

After these three the race is narrowed down to:

5. Mad Men (AMC)
6. The Good Wife (CBS)
7. Downton Abbey (PBS Masterpiece)
8. Homeland (Showtime)

Mad Men is a four-time winner entering its final season, so I don’t see them falling out. Downton Abbey has proved time and again that it has a lot of support despite a notable drop in critical acclaim. It shocked many when it still received key nominations last year, so it’s still in this, but for now I don’t think they can make the final six. That leaves two past nominees, Homealand and The Good Wife. Although Homeland is a recent winner, I can’t see voters ignoring the creative resurgence and buzz of The Good Wife, especially after the shaky third season that Homeland saw.

Also in the race are:

8. Masters of Sex
9. The Americans

Masters of Sex has had huge critical acclaim in its freshman run and has Showtime backing its campaign, however I can’t see that academy letting two new shows in the lineup. Although The Americans was almost snubbed across the board last year, I know FX is going to push hard for them, so maybe there is a shot, but the category is so crowded that they might be shut out again.


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