Last Minute Oscar Prediction for… June Squibb?!


I allowed myself one change for a major Oscar category between making my final predictions and the Oscar telecast. That one change is for June Squibb for NebraskaNow, where the hell did that come from? A few reasons.

1. Lupita Nyong’o and Jennifer Lawrence are in too tight of a battle
I think that the two frontrunners, who are currently neck and neck at the front of the pack, are going to take too many votes from each other for either to end up winning. They have essentially split the precursors and both are Hollywood darlings. This could allow for Squibb to sneak in and take the win.

2. Voters love Nebraska
The film is one of the least buzzed about Best Picture nominees, but within the Academy it is well loved. I don’t think they are going to let the film leave the night without at least one win. Original Screenplay seems locked up. Bruce Dern is in the mix, but doesn’t look likely for Best Actor. Best Picture, Best Director, and Best Cinematography are all long shots.

3. People are voting for her
I know this sounds odd. If I’m predicting her to win, then of course voters are voting for her. However, I’m talking about the voters who have released their ballots to the press. There is a large contingent of them voting for Squibb.

4. This incredible Jimmy Kimmel sketch

She is absolutely hilarious and amazing in this Jimmy Kimmel speech where she slyly campaigns for her Oscar. However, this goes more along with the fact that she is actively campaigning. She is shaking hands, making conversation, working rooms. She is doing work.

It’s going to be very close, but I think that she squeaks this out.

Check out my predictions here!


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